Why twist the snake upside down and shake it a few times and it died?

How thrilling! The snake catcher swiftly closes in, grabs the tail of a wriggling snake, and twists it. The snake immediately bends its head toward the direction of the catcher’s hand. With a quick shake, the catcher dispatches the snake. In a moment, the once fierce-looking snake meets its demise.

If you touch your chest, you’ll feel individual ribs dispersed, connected in a row by the sternum. Snakes lack a sternum, so their ribs are separated.

The joints of a snake’s vertebrae are incredibly flexible, allowing them to coil up like incense during hibernation. However, when humans shake them vigorously, the vertebrae can dislocate, especially since the ribs are naturally separated. This dislocation can stretch and damage the spinal cord, severing it entirely. Since the spinal cord maintains connections with various parts of the body, any damage to it can be fatal.